Areas of Deployment for youth and Students

Career Guidance

In the era of fierce competition, it is imperative for an individual to identify his potentials, talents, grey areas and professional and personal locations. With the use of scientific, standardized and objective test, Manthan facilitates students to make appropriate and informed choices of career and other important decisions. Students can get career guidance through assessment of aptitudes, skills, interests and personality.

Behavioural workshops

With the increasing work, stress and expectations, it becomes essential to de-stress, manage and have a realistic approach to the expectations. Training programmes in behavioural skills will help in orienting with self, strengths, external world and effective interaction with the outer world.

Personal Labs for Students

Personal growth Labs facilitate to explore the context and nature of human existencein a group setting. There is an environment of expression, experimentation and learning by discovery. In other words, the programs are based on learning from experience as opposed to learning from theory. They aid to diagnose and release the blocks that human beings inevitably develop and create opportunities to then develop new frames for values, perspectives and action.

Soft skill courses

Students are at the threshold of entering the professional world. Besides their subject knowledge, appropriate soft skills are also very important to achieve career success. Individual’s ability to understand and manage their emotions aids to improve their performance and their interaction with external world. Training in soft skills such as empathetic approach, the ability to communicate effectively, promote teamwork, manage projects and people, strategic thinking and managing processes and technologies, conflict management, and community building facilitates to enhance the performance at work.

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