Profile of Dr. Nayana Shah

Dr. Nayana Shah is the founder Director of Manthan Centre for Human and Organization Development, Ahmedabad. Through this Centre, she has worked extensively with individuals, leaders, managers, academicians and students. Her expertise is in the areas of organizational diagnosis, psychometric assessment, competency mapping, executive coaching and training. She has worked with varied organizations and industries of varied nature such as textile, automobile, software, engineering, pharmaceutical, etc.

Her Ph.D thesis is titled “Institution Building in Indian Organization: A Framework” under the guidance of Prof. Indira Parikh. She holds a Post-Graduate Degree in Business Management (MBA) and has undergone intensive training in Behavioural Sciences, Counselling, Psychometric Assessment and Organization Development. She is an accredited user of various Psychometric Instruments like Thomas Profiling by Value Service (TPVS), Myers & Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), FIRO-B, California Psychological Inventory (CPI), Existential Universe Mapping (EUM).

She has worked as a facilitator for Personal Growth Labs, Explorations in Role & Identity and as a Group Process facilitator. She has also designed and deployed various kinds of training modules for managers and leaders in organization.

She was associated with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad for ten years in different capacities. She has been associated with acclaimed academic institutes such as NID, MICA, NIRMA, DARPANA, SUMEDHAS, FLAME and AMA as consultant, trainer, subject expert, faculty, etc.

Nayana Shah was on the Board of Directors and a Fellow at Sumedhas, the Academy for Human Context. She is also currently the Dean of the OD internship at Sumedhas Academy for Human Context. She is a core member of Indian Academy for Organizational Development - Sumedhas. She is the President of Visamo Task Group of Visamo Kids Foundation, Ahmedabad.

She has also traveled extensively and is interested in reading, forms of art and joining in or creating a more sensitized world around her.

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