Areas of Deployment for Academic

Counselling skills for Teachers

Students at every stage need a support system to deal with novel emotions, situations, atmospheres, phases and transformations. It has been noticed that more students especially adolescents are seeking counseling services as they find themselves less equipped to handle the trying and demanding situations. Counselling can facilitate the child to deal with such new encounters. Counselling also facilitates development of a child / student in a wider context. Thereofore, it becomes imperative for teachers to understand, learn and apply counseling skills in the school.

Role effectiveness for Teachers

With the changing times and demands of the system, the teachers / administrative staff are likely to experience stagnation and disappointment with their own growth processes in the institute. There is a commotion and haziness in perceiving their role. The need to facilitate processes that help them to review their role taking ability becomes imperative for a smooth sailing of the institute and the individual.

Creating a Creative World

Changing work environment is very demanding. It constantly requires innovative approaches to deal with, survive and sail through challenging situations. Taking a creative approach to work can facilitate to meet the demands and explore unsighted avenues. Creativity is a key ingredient to problem solving which is a must in every kind of task that you take up. Therefore, it becomes immensely important and crucial for instructors and superiors to orient themselves utilize and build over the creative world for better results.

Institution building for Principals

In this changing context of education, the definition of institutes and organizations has also been altered. To function to the fullest, the institutes and organizations should imbibe the typical qualities of each other and enlarge the scope and meaning of managing institutions as organization towards building them into long term institutions.

Management Skills in Academic Institutions

The domain of education is undergoing transformation and change. Hence, academic institutions need to reorient themselves towards a professional perspective. The academia is becoming more tasks and result focused, client centred and demanding in terms of quality standards. With global influences in learning processes, the arena is becoming competitive and challenging. Keeping in view the reality of such times it becomes necessary that role holders in the academic system need competencies and capabilities to deal with the situation. This workshop is aimed to facilitate institutions manage this transition effectively.

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